New Florida Drivers License Window PVC Card


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New Florida Drivers License Window PVC Card

New Florida Drivers License Window PVC Card

New Florida Drivers License Window PVC Card

Windows card:
NY card with UV
Wisconsin card
Virginia card UV
New FL card
Colorado card with UV
New Hampshire Card with UV
600$ for 200 pcs

Hologram overlay,UV light,water mark printig anti-fake ID card specifications

There are several anti-fake or anti-counterfeiting mark printing used in card production.Such as water mark printing,Ultraviolet light  printing,which can NOT be seen by eyes,but can be seen clearly under UV light;microtext printing,which looks like a line,but the text can be seen clearly by magnifying glass;over printing,3D hologram,laser foil overlay,and etc.

Watermark can be printed by both opaque pvc and transparent pvc/pet material.The water mark can NOT be seen by man’s eyes,but can be seen clearly under strong light.If you need high security  anti-fake card with water mark printing,please turn to us.

If you have an ID card tray for your Epson or other printer, you can use these blank cards for printing directly from your printer! These cards can be printed on both sides! Thick .30 Mil. and the size is 3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″ (Standard credit card size) You can print any ID card you can imagine or create! Print for your company or organization. These are the only cards made for Inkjet printers.

They can absorb any kind of ink including normal dye ink and pigment ink. (Pigment ink will make these cards virtually waterproof) Most people print these on an Epson R280 photo printer. OEM Epson ink is pigment ink! See my other items if you need an adapter tray to print these cards on your printer! Much cheaper than photo ID card printers like DataCard, Zebra, Fargo, Evolis, Magicard, NBS & etc. These are special blank cards made for Inkjet printing.

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